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the skunks of los feliz
Oh, man, I almost forgot the coolest thing that's happened to me lately. Besides seeing Christina Ricci at Ye Rustic Inn. At least I think it was Christina Ricci, but I was fried on Patron, and I recently quit smoking so who knows.
Anyway, me and my S.O. are leaving Griffith Park after a twilight hike (jonesin' for the Observatory to reopen already), and she's all the sudden telling me to pull over, pull over. I'm like, "Cool, a quickie right here by the Greek, kind of weird, Neil Young roadies creeping around, but what the hey", when I see what she sees.
There's a coyote on the lawn right there, snacking on picnic droppings. He's ten feet away, loping slowly along, nose to the ground. Native Americans call him the trickster, or so my S.O. says, and she's into that. But you could see the intelligence in his eyes, and the lack of fear. And I felt respect for him, for just being there, and making it happen in the middle of the city. The trickster. Playing it super cool in Griffith Park.
Jeez, it's been a long time since my last post. And what an uplifting meditation it was. Man, I can go on and on some times. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Bush hater. Wouldn't be cool if we could recall him? Wouldn't it be even cooler to be the guy who pied Ralph Nader? ....Savoring the image.... So where was I?
Oh yeah, you know who I really hate? People who drive SUV's. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "Jeezuz Christ, here we go again with this hackneyed, played out rant about Ford Extinctions, and smog, and 5 foot tall blonde women with cell phones jammed against their ears, and a pilates mat rolling around on their floorboard as they barrel down Franklin, straddling two lanes".
Well, yeah, there is that, but I saw a horrible wreck in the Valley the other day that really drove home the fact that those fucking things are dangerous. I'm sitting at a red light with a couple of gallons of margarita mix chilling in the passenger seat (long story), when this lady goes right through the red light. A BMW is going on green and clips her in the rear panel. For this one long second the SUV kind of shimmys up on two wheels, then starts a barrel roll down Alameda, right past my window. I could see the lady inside flopping around in there like a puppet. Not pretty. So I feel bad for her, don't get me wrong, but if that guy in the BMW pulls out 2 seconds earlier, he's T-boned to kingdom fucking come.
And that's what really kills me about these SUV people. They don't care about anything once they get behind the wheel. They don't focus. So in that sense they're like everybody else in L.A., except not everyone in L.A. is driving a 10 ton missle o' death.
All this to say, I guess, watch where you're going! You're driving like a crazy person! And buy a car that gets more than 5 mpg, you wasteful, wasteful people!


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