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the skunks of los feliz
LAPD brought it's Santa in the Crosswalk sting to Los Feliz today, sending the jolly, red-suited guy back and forth across Vermont between the Post Office and Fred 62 in order to test motorist compliance with the crosswalk rules.

The motorists, and this is no surprise to anyone who walks in Los Feliz, failed miserably. According to a reliable witness (Cami, of course), the cops netted 3 non-right-of-way-yielding scofflaws within minutes of each other.

I have to say that the crosswalk there is not well designated, but the sting does point out the fact that people cutting through the neighborhood to the 5 do not, as a rule, concern themselves with the safety of pedestrians, or anyone else for that matter.

Rush hour along Vermont and it's many side streets is a noisy, dangerous affair, a mechanistic grind of stop signs run, horns blown, brakes screeched, and curses shouted. It's a madhouse, truly.

I mean, if you won't stop for St. Nick, who are you gonna stop for?
How can you be sure the motorists are not from Minneapolis? Oh wait, Minneapolitains don't take their foot off the brake when the light turns from red to green.
Good one, Allan.
Sorry. I meant: good one, Allen.
What does Minneapolis have to do with the crosswalk at Vermont?
Or their supposed driving skills? Is this an inside joke--I don't think it's funny.
Sometimes, when I'm feeling mean, I ride my bike up this way. (I usually take Rodney.) It's fun getting honked at and cursed by SUVs, although eventually I'll be killed. And no, I don't stop for anyone in the crosswalk either. I figure, you're parking in the post office to sneak over to the movie theatre or one of those shitty restaurants, so fuck you.
--Joel, prefers to eat at the Astro
Frankly, the hipsters in Minis are just as rude or even more so than the much-despised SUV drivers. They figure that they have a cute car and a show on Noggin, so why not let them run you over?
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