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the skunks of los feliz

The toads in Griffith Park have put the new, rain-deposited pools of standing water in the flood control channel below the Observatory to good use, turning them into the scene of an amphibian orgy.

As Cami and I hiked along the lower trails in the park today (the upper road having been closed to traffic), we spotted a crowd of people gathered along the edge of one of the runoff enclosures. As we came nearer, we realized that the waters were alive with the writhing forms of toads in the throes of lovemaking, and a good number of our fellow citizens had stopped to watch.

Of course, we did too. Hell, this was nature.

The toads (and I am no expert) seemed to be California Toads, as pictured above, and they were engaging in all manner of highly energetic sexual activity, their passion punctuated by an urgent, incessant croaking.

There were threesomes, twosomes, and some onanism amongst a few disconsolate singles who floated alone on the scummy waters of love. A female drifted by, absolutely covered in males (click here for an explicit pic of toad love). Watching her contentedly drift by, the English gentleman next to me remarked: "They're really pounding her."

Just so.

We ogled the spectacle for awhile then wandered back down the hill, leaving the toads to that quintessential Hollywood Hills activity: group sex.
Wow, too funny. Is this activity happening along the banks of the burbling brooks around Ferndell, too? Because if so, I gotta check out what's going on in my neighborhood's collective back yard.
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