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the skunks of los feliz

Last night, Cami and I took her SAG card for a walk down to the Los Feliz 3 for a free movie. It was an excellent opportunity to slay two birds with one stone: we've been wanting to see The Aviator for some time, and I've been looking forward to beholding the sure-to-be miraculous results of the 3's recent renovation.

First, the movie.

It was good, but the film's lavish re-creation of Los Angeles past was what kept me riveted. Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman's Chinese thronged with crowds. The Cocoanut Grove (seen here, on this excellent LA architecture site, in it's final incarnation). Archival footage of the Spruce Goose being towed from Culver City to the harbor. Red Cars. The Sowden House.

I do have one beef, however. During the night flight sequence, which is set in the 30's, Hughes and Katherine Hepburn fly over a LA cityscape which is clearly criss-crossed by freeways that did not exist until 1940. Oh, well.

Next, the renovation.

Hmm. Aside from a possibly fresh coat of paint, the only signs of a renovation that we could discern were the seats. I believe they are recycled seats from another theater, but at least they are all now functional.

Still no cooler for the water bottles.

As we walked home after the movie, we got a taste of a thoroughly modern LA phenomenon, as a circling swarm of news helicopters followed a police pursuit down Los Feliz Boulevard. Don't know why I keep count, but that's the third one I've seen firsthand. For some reason, they're more exciting on TV.

What a weird, great city. Goddamnit, I'm glad to be here.
Well, I an debating about which movie to see tomorrow... either Closer or The Aviator. I will eventually see them both. But I think it will be in one of the fancier theatres like the Archlight. I am glad to see the Los Feliz 3 is making improvements. And I really want to support the privately owned theatres. But the more modern theatres are much more comfy...
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