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the skunks of los feliz
When Coldwell Banker moved to their swanky new digs on Hillhurst, they left their old building just across the street a sad, empty shell.

It collected dust for almost a year, a vacant storefront blighting the view from the Alcove's patio. And then, miracle of miracles, someone bought the thing and started sprucing it up: new landscaping, a river rock facade, tastefully bland wall art, but, somewhat mysteriously, no sign proclaiming the new occupant, no banner shouting "COMING SOON: THE NAIL HUT", or whatever.

Wild speculation ensued. Was it a tanning salon? A cosmetic dentistry concern? Perhaps a law office (shudder)?

Well, last week a brightly lit sign finally appeared, and now we know who has come to dwell amongst us. Now it can be revealed just who has taken up residence in the House on Hillhurst:

The Church of Scientology.

They've come to clear Los Feliz.
How opportune that your ISA swag included a titanium turbo razor and some Altoids sour apple gum. By themselves they do nothing, but together they repel even the most dedicated scientologist.
One time, a couple years ago, I ended up with an invitation to go see a friend of my wife's play at thus-and-such address.

Well, of course it was the Scieno center in H'wood.

Any civilized country would have the lot banished to jail by now, but instead these jokers have full-on tax-exempt status.
Last Friday the northbound side of Hillhurst was closed for an event at that location. There were tables, heaters etc. on the road instead of cars. We went to Fafalla, and found there was no parking for a Four block radius! We guiltly parked in the Albertsons lot instead. By the time we finished dinner (about 8:45), Fafalla was practically empty.

Question: How come nobody else (apparently) can close off Hillhurst during peak-hour on a Friday for an event?

Question: I wonder how much lost restaurant revenue was incurred on Hillhurst by the traffic and parking problems created?
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