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the skunks of los feliz
Crap, it's raining again.

I'm over it. Way over it. As I've expressed (to the point of tedium) to the few friends who have not tuned me out by now, I wish El Nino would pack up his variable water temperatures and go home, receding into the deep ocean like Godzilla trudging home to nap after a long day of wrecking Tokyo for shits and grins.

Which is all well and good, except for the faulty underlying premise of El Nino's culpability. Seems an oceanographer at JPL has established that the blame for this winter's wet weather cannot be laid at the feet of the (figurative) baby Jesus.

Fair enough. I'll lay off the kid. But what is causing this endless deluge?

To paraphrase the JPL response: "I dunno."

Not exactly satisfying, is it? I mean, what are we paying these people uncompetitive government wages for anyway?

I think I'll just keep flogging away at my Godzilla metaphor until someone can provide me with a more adequate explanation of why L.A. has become Drizzle City.

Update: If I'm reading this correctly (and that's a big if) the USGS says El Nino is to blame. I guess it all boils down to which guvmint agency with an alphabet-soup moniker you want to believe: JPL or USGS.
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