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the skunks of los feliz
If you live in CD4 you might, from time to time, say to yourself, "Hey I like Tom LaBonge and all, don't get me wrong, even though he's not a snappy dresser like Eric Garcetti. He sends me a calendar every year, and he, like, leads hike up Mt. Hollywood and stuff, so that's cool. But what has he done for me lately?".

And so, almost as though he heard your plaintive cry, in his most recent newsletter Councilmember Tom LaBonge has enumerated the municipal largesse he has bestowed upon us, his constituents, as part of the 2005-2006 City Budget.

Some highlights of the new budget, with an eye towards those pork projects that are so very, very close to the hearts of all CD4 residents:

- Provides funding for increasing the number of park rangers at Griffith Park: van-rockin', boots-knockin' citizens and trash-munching coyotes beware. The man is fixin' to crack down.

- Allows for continued expansion of the Los Angeles Zoo. The elephants will, I'm sure, be glad to move out of their dirt-covered paddock and into some cleaner, more arboreal digs.

- Doles out money for road construction! Yay, road construction!

- Funds a study to evaluate the feasibility of safely expanding the Red Line westward, through the methane gas pockets along the Wilshire Corridor. Of this development 9 out of 10 transit geeks say "cool". The lone holdout harrumphs angrily about "more busways".
I've lived in three different places in CD 4, and I've never gotten no stinkin' calendar!!!
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