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the skunks of los feliz

I've been a neglectful neighborhood blogger.

I stumbled upon the brand new, just launched GGPNC newsletter at their booth at the Los Feliz Street Fair, filed it away for a future post, and promptly forgot about it until just now.

I have failed in my self-imposed mission to offer timely neighborhood reportage. I am an irresponsible ink-stained wretch, afflicted with the curse of procrastination so common to the type.

Mea culpa. I apologize.

And yet...

There are second acts in the lives of bloggers (even those who write long, overwrought apologia just to amuse themselves while they post from work). I can commit myself anew to bringing Los Felizians everywhere the latest news from east of Normandie and north of Hollywood Blvd.

I can, and will!

And so, the review of the GGPNC newsletter (which you can view for yourself here):

It looks pretty good, in contrast to the group's inelegant, rather utilitarian website. When I first heard about their plans to create a neighborhood newsletter, I had visions of a blurry, mimeographed one-sheet - not so. Well laid out, with an accessible design and easy to follow format, it's an easy, breezy read.

As for content, the (somewhat unimaginatively titled) "GGPNC News" features articles on such topics as street paving work in the nabe (without mentioning the botched job on Finley between Vermont and Hillhurst, where traffic was allowed in before the asphalt was dry, with predictable results), the city's decision to reject a proposal to build a luxury restaurant at the Observatory (thank God), and the pros and cons of inclusionary zoning.

The editorial voice tends towards an unfortunate equivocal stance, as in a fence-sitting position paper on permit parking which is headlined "Permit Parking: We Say Yea and Nay", but it's probably unreasonable to expect hard-charging, muck-raking journalism from the official organ of an elected body like the GGPNC.

As well, it succeeds in it's main task, which is to inform the citizens of Los Feliz, in a timely fashion, of news that they can use.

Neglectful neighborhood bloggers can only aspire to do the same.
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