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the skunks of los feliz

In the aftermath of Antonio Villaraigosa's win in the mayoral runoff, and the attendant era of good feelings that has followed, one interesting question has gone unanswered:

Whither Bob Hertzberg?

According to a presser I found crammed into Le Pew Mailbox yesterday, he's still plugging away at his old bete noir, the LAUSD.

In an open letter to Superintendent Roy Romer, the very office-less pol (citing the Fair Political Practices Commission v. American Civil Rights Coalition, Inc., et al. decision) calls for the release of "...information with respect to donors and contributions made to Friends of L.A. Schools, Inc."

This group, a nonprofit concern set up to raise money for LAUSD PR operations, has raised hackles in some quarters (i.e., the Valley) due to the shroud of secrecy surrounding the identity of it's donors. This unaccountability has also aroused fears among elected officials that Superintendent Roy Romer is sitting on what amounts to a $150,000 PR slush fund, money that can be directed (with no public oversight) against foes of the LAUSD.

Whether this gathering controversy gains any traction with the public at large remains to be seen, but this very public move by Hertzberg raises some interesting questions - well, actually, it's awakening within me my propensity towards wild, unsupported speculation, but hell, that's what a blog is for, right?


Since Hertzberg has been working as an un-official advisor to Mayor Villaraigosa, and has, in press reports, proclaimed himself to be familiar with the Mayor's thinking on a number of issues, is this letter a sub rosa swipe at Romer by Villaraigosa (who has yet to publicly comment on the controversy)? Or is this just Bob being Bob, trying to visit upon the LAUSD the death by a thousand cuts?

Could the former union organizer (and spouse of a teacher) and the knight errant of local control of schools have found common ground on the education issue?

And what office, exactly, is Mr. Hertzberg running for now?
Hertzberg will likely run for City Attorney in 2009! He would be a perfect fit for the job, and would propel him to a mayoral run when Antonio is termed out in 2013. It would also keep Bob too busy to take on Antonio when he comes up for re-election.
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