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the skunks of los feliz
Look out, Alcove, there's a new patio hotspot in the neighborhood.

The recently relocated Cap'n Cork (perhaps riding high from that Beck shout out) has set tables out on the sidewalk, along with a grill which, one presumes, is used to prepare all sorts of meat-related delicacies. Now, maybe the Carne Asada con Cap'n Cork really rocks, but noxious fumes from the traffic on Hillhurst, the complete absence of shade trees or other vegetation, and the pesky L.A. Municipal Code prohibition against consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises of a liquor store would all seem to conspire against success.

Then again, maybe the combination of red meat, cigarettes, and booze will prove to be canny counter-programming against the clean-living namby-pambyism of Puran's and the Nature Mart.
I've been in Moscow for alomst a year now. I was back in the Feliz in April and May and noticed the suspicious grill in the parking lot. Haven't tried the asada for the same reasons you note. But the Russians no nothing of carne asada or anything close to it. I'm too afriad to try one of the few Mexican resturants in Moscow, "Poncho Villa," out of a stronger fear than I have for the car fume filled smell of Cork carne. Also New Russian hang outs should be avoided at all costs. Let me tell you, at this point of desperation for some asada, if I could zip to the Cork and back to the 'cow, I would. In a red hot second. Six more weeks left and I'll test your theory.

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