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the skunks of los feliz

Readers of Arthur Magazine, Spaceland habitues, and anyone who makes the Cahuenga Crawl (Amoeba-Karma Coffee-Vinyl Fetish) on a regular basis, perk up your ears:

ArthurFest is coming to the Barnsdall Art Park this Labor Day weekend. Featuring performances by such luminaries as Sonic Youth, Cat Power, and Yoko Ono(!?!?), this two-day event is sure to provide hours of aural enjoyment for drooling Sleater-Kinney fanboys (and those aging hipsters with fond memories of drooling over Kim Gordon back in their college days, especially that time SY played the USF Sun Dome, and they were kicking into "Silver Rocket", and maybe it was the pot, or the heat, but she looked like a flaxen-haired goddess up there on stage, violently abusing her bass while coolly nodding her head in time with the beat... but I digress, and that story was not about me anyway).

And, as if that's not enough mind-blowing entertainment for one summer weekend, the Fest is also offering food (get ready for the inevitable Fred 62 booth, people!), film screenings, and "a booth featuring 80-year-old bluesman T-Model Ford, who will dispense wisdom & possibly kisses for a small price".

Fair warning to anyone coming in from beyond the Vermont and Sunset corridors (or, God forbid, the Westside): traffic will be an iron-clad bitch. Do yourself (and us) a favor and take the Red Line to the Sunset/Vermont station. It's just a half block to the park, and the $3 roundtrip fare will surely be cheaper than what local parking lots will be charging.

For more info, click here.

For advance tickets, click here.

For a great pic of Kim Gordon, click here.
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