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the skunks of los feliz

The sad state of preservation efforts in L.A., from Councilmember Tom LaBonge's weekly newsletter:

"Historic-Cultural Monument No. 163, better known as the 'Disney Animation School Site' in Silver Lake, was expanded this week by the Los Angeles City Council to include some additional parcels of land on Hyperion Avenue, Griffith Park Boulevard and Angus Street.

This property was the site of the animation school for the Walt Disney Studios from 1935 until the studio was moved to its present location in Burbank in 1940. The school was where founder Walt Disney trained cartoonists in the art of film animation."

Excellent. An much-needed expansion of a historic designation, which will help to preserve an important cultural landmark, right? Not quite.

The newsletter continues:

"None of the original Disney buildings remain. Today, the various parcels include several commercial buildings along Griffith Park Boulevard and a number of dwelling units accessible from Angus Street."

In other words, the Gelson's parking lot is all there is to be seen at Historical-Cultural Landmark No. 163.

Pic from Silverlake.org's excellent historic photo gallery. For a pic of Walt and staff at the studios click here. Google maps satellite view of the site here.
I thought it was kind of odd too.

But I'm curious how relevant a building occupied by Disney folks for only five years would be.

Why didn't they just put up one of those roadside signs - "on this site from 1935-1940 stood the original Disney Animation studios"? Sounds like it'd be at least cheaper than maintaining some sort of parcel designation for them.
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