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the skunks of los feliz
The wheels of redevelopment grind slowly but, once in motion, inexorably.

Sometimes redevelopment is a good thing, as in the plan to finally do something about the eyesore that is the Vermont Triangle.

This patch o' blight (pictured at left) lying at the confluence of Vermont, Hollywood, and Prospect is overdue for something, anything to be done to alleviate the pure, unadulterated ugliness of the place.

Alledgedly dedicated to the memory of that all-American mensch Will Rogers, the "park" is instead a haven for pigeons, taxi drivers, and one of those obnoxious pieces of "street furniture", courtesy of City Hall's buddies at JC DeCaux.

It's a beautiful thing, this "street furniture", no?


But I digress. Back to redevelopment: CRA/LA and the GGPNC are holding a meeting on Thursday, August 25 to discuss plans to either beautify, nuke, or cover with "street furniture" this small, but vital plot.

Hopefully, they will choose to beautify. Alas, however, redevelopment does not always bode well for the property to be "repurposed". Take, for example, the Louise's/Derby complex on the corner of Hillhurst and Los Feliz. This historic property is the subject of a plan to redevelop it (after bulldozing it, of course) into a high-density mixed used residential/retail complex, a edifice whose perimeter will, I am sure, be peppered with plenty of "street furniture".

In the meantime, concerned citizens can try to fight the power by visiting "Save the Derby" here.
Waiting for the light at the corner, I noticed a funky woman drive up by the park, and unload MOUNDS of bird seed for the pigeons. It was kinda gross, they were all over her. Yeah, something should be done.
It's funny how weird old people and pigeons kinda go hand in hand, huh?
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