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the skunks of los feliz

Do these assholes seriously expect us to believe that they are on top of the situation in New Orleans?

Maybe I'm just watching too much cable news while I sit at home and try to get over a tussle with a nasty summer cold. The images coming out of New Orleans today are heart-rending and inflammatory. They are making me angry. They are making me question not just the preparedness of this administration for this disaster, but their very willingness to try to help these desperate people.

A procession of Bush administration lackeys have marched across the screen, talking about everything except their failure to get food and water to their fellow citizens in the hour of their greatest need.

Discussion of gas prices, promises to rebuild New Orleans, expressions of sympathy: they are all very well and good, but they do not help relieve the abject, ongoing suffering of this disaster's victims. Where is the food? Where is the water? Where is the National Guard?

We can wage a war to conquer Iraq, but we cannot respond effectively to this cataclysm within our own borders?

If so, then that may be the truest tragedy here.
Did you read the articles that were written in the New Orleans times-picayune, about how the money that was supposed to go for rebuilding the levees was earmarked for the bullshit war in iraq instead?
Yep. Of course, in one of his most egregious lies in some time, Bush is now saying that they had no indication that the levees might be in danger from a severe hurricane.

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