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the skunks of los feliz
State Senator Don Perata (D-Oakland) may be the man who killed the 405 HOV lane until at least next year, but he's suddenly found design-sequencing religion, urging Caltrans to proceed with the project in expectation of future approval of the project.

Protesting (too loudly), that L.A. was in no way, shape, or form "screwed" by his decision to close the legislative session 24 hours early to teach laggardly (SoCal?) legislators a lesson, he's now calling for a mulligan.

Now, I'm not sure how Sen. Perata defines "screwed", but I do know that there was plenty of time for the Bay Area (which he not so coincidentally represents) to squeeze enough water from the budgetary stone to finish reconstruction of the Bay Bridge.

In other transportation news:

- The Metro Orange Line has a start date: the first cross-Valley busses will roll on October 29. Following recent tradition, Metro will be offering free rides on their schmancy new articulated busses all weekend. If the Gold Line opening is any indication of the crowds, lack of coordination, and general pandemonium that will accompany the start of service, you may just want to wait until October 31 to ride. There's sure to be plenty of empty seats by then.

- Everybody who hates the intersection of Franklin and Highland, please raise your hands.

Ah yes, I see you out there, stuck at the light on Franklin, trying to turn onto Highland, being accosted by the freaks who hang out in the Starbucks parking lot, and then, when the light finally turns green, being stuck behind some jackass from Iowa who can't decide if he wants to go to Hollywood Blvd. or Universal Studios.

Yes. I see you.

Help is on the way, my friends. The city has pried control of the Highland Avenue corridor from the state, and they have big plans to fix this big mess. Widening the intersection, improving the signals, and banning yokels from driving are all on the agenda (Okay, they're not banning yokels. After all, their money is almost as green as someone from Brentwood or Sherman Oaks).

The only downside?

Construction. At the intersection of Franklin and Highland. For months.

And months.
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