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the skunks of los feliz
News on the "Save the Derby" battle-front:

- An online petition drive has been launched. You can sign here to express your opposition to destroying yet another Los Angeles landmark in the name of "progress" (read: the enrichment of real estate magnates).

- The GGPNC will be holding a Derby Town Hall meeting to hear both sides of the Derby controversy. It goes without saying that packing the place with pro-Derby residents would be a strong statement against the proposed condo development. Be there on November 10th at 7 p.m., in Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish Hall, 2071 Dracena Drive, to say "NO" to losing this important piece of Hollywood history.

- Stakeholder's associations are coming out in defense of the Derby: the Franklin Hills Residents Association Board of Directors and the Los Feliz Estates Owners Association Board of Directors have recently voted to oppose the development plans for the Derby site.

- To receive email updates from the Save the Derby Coalition, click here to opt in to their mailing list.

Update- the GGPNC meeting for tomorrow night (October 12th), which was to touch on the Derby issue, has been cancelled.
HEY SKUNKS! THANKS FOR LINKING ME TO YOUR BLOG REGARDING SAVE THE DERBY! We have been getting some great feedback and have only been up a day! The reason though that I am commenting is that we recieved in the mail a notice from Adler Realty for a neighbor hood meeting on "the derby" for october 26th 7pm not the date in november. Im not sure if this is a way to confuse people but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Keep Mobilizing ---> www.thederby.blogspot.com
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