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the skunks of los feliz
I found the Los Feliz BID's presser on their Holiday Festival (Saturday, December 10 from 6-10 p.m.) crammed into my mailbox last night (see it here), and, upon reading it, realized I need to retract my snarky prediction that the "Holiday Trolley" that will ferry weary revelers up and down Hillhurst during the festival would be a DASH bus - far from it!

It will be an antique trolley, provenance unknown, yet presumably possessed with rubber tires (as there have been no trolley tracks in the Los Feliz area since the Red Car folded in the middle of the last century). Not unlike, perhaps, this DASH bus painted to resemble a trolley...

Regardless, the presser rounds out the sketchy details that I laid out in my previous post:

- Hillhurst will be closed between Los Feliz and Franklin. Traffic will be hellish. If you're coming from elsewhere in the city, the Red Line's Sunset/Vermont station is a short walk from the Festival site, and might be a better bet.

- The Holiday tree lighting ceremony will take place at 6:45, in front of the Los Feliz Library. Carolers will be present, doubtless singing such non-denominational holiday favorites as "The Conspicuous Consumption Song" and "Target is my God".

- That same, sad collection of small animals as appears at the Los Feliz Street Fair will be on hand for the edification and tactile enjoyment of the children of Los Angeles. No word on whether this holiday version of the petting zoo will feature seasonal animals such as reindeers and drunken Santas.

- The LAFD's "Spark of Love" toy drive fire truck will be on hand, accepting toys for less fortunate children. Please help make this holiday a special time for these deserving youngsters. Remember that time you didn't get the G.I. Joe Mobile Battle Bunker for Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa and you were so bummed you kicked your sister's Barbie Dream House over, just out of spite? Well, think how bad it would suck to get nothing.
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