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the skunks of los feliz
The Los Feliz Village BID website has received a Flash-intensive makeover, including an intro page that's all scrolling logos and bad electronica. However, once you get past that and into the site there is some actual usable information: most notable is word that the BID has heard that the Griffith Observatory Grand Re-Opening, currently set for May 14 of next year, may be postponed.

Also available is a clunky online version of the BID newsletter (looks like somebody scanned a hard copy of the thing, then posted each page as a separate PDF file - it's extremely lo-fi), in which it is announced that "Los Feliz Village has 30 new cement trash containers that have been distributed throughout the Village", an achievement in which I think we can all take pride.

And finally, the LFVBID will be throwing the first Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival on December 10 from 6 to 9 p.m., on Hillhurst Avenue. The festivities will include "Santa, professional carolers strolling up and down, and a 'trolley' to provide free rides to guests who wish to visit local businesses".

Hmmm. Santa? Carolers? Sounds like they should just ditch the "Holiday Festival" euphemisms and call a spade a spade: Christmas.

And why is the word trolley bracketed by quotes? That never bodes well for anything. I'm picturing a DASH bus gussied up in "holiday" lights and driven by a grumpy municipal "elf".
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