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the skunks of los feliz
The GGPNC fires up it's monthly board meeting tonight, in the LAPD Los Feliz Community Center on Hillhurst (otherwise known as the Citibank building). Be there at 7:00 and you can enjoy the delightful smorgasbord of agenda items they have on offer for tonight, not to mention the delicious cop coffee that's always on percolating standby.

Highlights include a discussion of the L.A. River master plan, an update on the Derby situation, and a consideration of plans for a new restaurant in the old Cap'n Cork building. As a bonus, they'll also kick around everyone's favorite thought experiment: What's to be done about traffic on Franklin?!?*

If you can't make tonight's meeting, there are some interesting non-GGPNC events in the offing tomorrow night:

- The City is in the midst of a complete overhaul of the Hollywood Community Plan, and as part of the process they are holding community workshops to introduce proposed zoning changes and plan amendments. Tomorrow's workshop will be held at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church from 5-8 P.M., and will provide citizenry the opportunity to mix and mingle with city planning wonks. You might want to sidle up to one of 'em and ask: "What's to be done about traffic on Franklin?!?"

- Our friends in Silverlake are mulling their options in the face of plans to build a 64-unit residential structure on Rowena between Hyperion and Glendale. Rowena Community Vision has launched a blog advocating "safe, sensible development of the Rowena Corridor", and are holding a meeting tomorrow night (7 P.M. at Ivanhoe Middle School) to discuss the plan and possible actions to be taken against it.

*My answer? Forbid street parking between Normandie and Hillhurst during rush hour in order to open up an additional lane of traffic in each direction. It would work perfectly, at least in Thought Experiment Land, where there are no angry neighbors decrying the loss of their parking spaces...
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