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the skunks of los feliz
Frequent fliers, perk up your ears:

The city is launching FlyAway non-stop shuttle service from Union Station to LAX, with busses making the trip between L.A.'s past and current transportation hubs every 30 minutes. Fare is $3 each way for adults, and $2 for the kids.

How this works in practice remains to be seen, but I'm excited. A cab ride from Los Feliz to LAX can run to $60 before tip (yeah, it's usually on the company's dime, but still), and parking at the airport - well, we all know what a pleasant experience that can be.

And public transit? Heh! Currently, to get to LAX from Los Feliz using transit you walk (or take the DASH bus) to the Sunset/Vermont station, where you catch the Red Line to 7th/Metro, changing there to the Blue Line, riding to Imperial/Wilmington and transferring to the Green Line, disembarking at the Aviation/LAX station, and then, finally, catching a shuttle to LAX.

No thank you.

The FlyAway service (which also runs from Van Nuys to LAX) will offer travelers the best of both worlds: whisking along on the Red Line, below the clogged surface streets and freeways surrounding downtown, and then boarding a shuttle which can utilize the car-pool lanes on the 110 and 105 freeways.

On very humble suggestion: make permanent the promotional offer of free rides for patrons using Metro to get to Union Station. That could help Metro ridership, and keep more cars off the road.
I'd take Gold Line to Union to use this for sure.
Three years ago I went from Los Feliz to LAX to meet my wife and her family at LAX (someone else was picking us all up).

The MTA website told me to take the Metro Rapid bus going down Vermont Avenue to the Green Line station, the Green Line to Aviation station, and then the shuttle to LAX.

Unfortunately, there was some parade going on in Koreatown, and the bus had to make a detour through very crowded side streets.

Also, it was my first and only time on the Green Line. I was aggressively panhandled at the Green Line Vermont station, and the freeway traffic on the 105 waiting at the station was unbearably loud.

I agree that the Red Line to Union Station and a shuttle to LAX would be better (at least in theory).
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