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the skunks of los feliz
This just in from Rebecca Goodman of the Save the Derby coalition:

The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission's Staff Report has recommended against considering the Derby for City Landmark status!

Now, I won't even go into the fact that this is a city which has OK'd the designation of a parking lot as a Historic-Cultural Landmark. Or that, even more inexplicably, some city apparatchiks apparently feel that the Derby does not approach the cultural significance of that patch of pot-holed asphalt.

In stark contrast to the city's indefensible position, Ms. Goodman feels the Derby is worth preserving, and she is inviting those who share her opinion to join her at tomorrow's Cultural Heritage Commission meeting.

If you'd like to give the commission a (polite, I'm sure) earful on behalf of the Derby, here are the meeting details:

Cultural Heritage Commission Meeting
February 16th, 10:00 a.m.
Los Angeles City Hall, Room 1010 (10th floor)
200 N. Spring Street - use Main Street entrance and bring ID to pass through security
For map click here

To read the text of the Save the Derby alert click here. To visit the L.A. City Planning Department on the web click here.
No secret that the Commission's actions (and for that matter, city staff to a great degree) are arbitrary and random. Gives a bad name to preservation, a field in which inherent subjectivity must be mitigated by use of criteria and standards. The Commission hardly seems to pay much mind to that issue. Time and time again it proves to be incredibly frustrating.
I totally agree...
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